Institute of Transpersonal Coaching

The Institute of Transpersonal Coaching offers  short, 2 day post graduate courses for experienced coaches.

In all our courses  the fundamental principles of coaching are paramount.

The foundations of our Coaching integrate the ICF competencies and incorporate the following theories to inform coaching skill development;

  • solutions focused approaches,
  • positive psychology,
  • motivational science and motivational interviewing,
  • appreciative inquiry,
  • socratic questioning,
  • critical thinking,
  • adult learning theory,
  • neuroscience and attachment theory
  • narrative coaching theories
  • archetypal psychology
  • spiritual psychology
  • schema coaching theories and skills
  • Integral studies
  • ego developmental theory
  • action learning research, and
  • transformation learning

Into this base ITC argues transpersonal psychology is integral.

ITC is committed to incorporating what is regarded by academics and practitioners alike as the fourth “force” or wave in the science of psychology.

In the study of humanity’s highest potential, the mysterious dimensions that are greater than the self-are too often ignored. This is not the case in transpersonal studies.  The capacities beyond the personal ego are considered not only essential for peak states performance and optimum fulfilment but critical for the planet’s future.

If you are asking yourself what can you as a coach can bring to sessions to support;

  •  wakefulness within  the session
  • heart openings
  • expansion of consciousness,
  •  deeper soul explorations,
  • greater access to personal “truth”,
  • and a stronger connection to meaning, purpose, and altruism?

then Transpersonal Coach training may be right for you!

For further information, please call or email Nicola Lambert – Nicola Lambert Oct15MOB 0433 128 645 or