Transpersonal Coaching

What is Coaching in a Transpersonal Context?


In her private practice, Nicola Lambert, (co- founder of the Institute of Transpersonal Coaching), offers clients the cutting edge of coaching practice, integrating the sciences, arts and sacred dimensions of coaching practice into her work with clients.

Nicola is passionate about supporting clients to push the boundaries  and experience the depths and heights of consciousness, as well as the emergent shifts in both inner and outer states of transformation, power, and creativity to achieve sustainable change. 

We have to do something radically different”(Grof, Stan, 2008. Birthing the Transpersonal)……

Applications for Transpersonal Coaching

Like most any form of coaching, transpersonal coaching addresses goals such as:

  • Clarifying direction
  • Self-discovery, e.g. values clarification
  • Enhanced health, fitness, mental and physical intelligence. 
  • Self-mastery -development of emotional and spiritual  intelligence
  • Work/life balance
  • Wholistic wellness. 
  • Enhanced, creativity,  performance and productivity
  • Improved relationships
  • Success in business and finances

The holistic, sensitive, and dynamic aspect of transpersonal coaching is particularly suited and equipped for the following:

  • Clarifying vision and life purpose
  • Navigating major life transitions.
  • Transforming blocks
  • Mindfulness
  • Authentic power
  • Self-mastery
  • Generating cultural change.
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Leadership Skills
  • Creativity, soulfulness,  and spiritual development