Transpersonal Coaching

What is Coaching in a Transpersonal Context?

Transpersonal literally means ‘beyond the person’. The transpersonal dimension acknowledges the person as a multifaceted being (mind, body, spirit, soul). Coaching ‘beyond the person’ acknowledges that the individual does not stand isolated and alone, but is connected to the system of which they are a part eg. community, planetary, and universe. Transpersonal coaching in action invites creative, dynamic, courageous and transformational growth to emerge within the client. The perspectives and skills of this style of coaching seek to engage the client at all levels of the person, in particular the ‘voice of the soul’. It is an individualized coaching approach which customizes the process to each and every client.

A transpersonal approach is sophisticated and offers a high quality coaching relationship, masterful listening at a deep level, and works with a person’s emerging process, not just the agenda. Techniques involved may reach beyond the cognitive/mental level into, for example, a person’s higher awareness, body-mind wisdom, or creative capacity. Forms of shadow or resistance can be actively and productively worked with as appropriate, galvanizing potential and resolving inner conflicts.

Applications for Transpersonal Coaching

Transpersonal Coaching can address any client coaching agenda, which commonly entails matters such as resolving key issues, developing effective strategies, and the achievement of personal and professional goals. However, transpersonal coaching works with the given issues in a capacity to go deeper into the zone of fundamental change, often generating transformation, growth, and personal development.

Like most any form of coaching, transpersonal coaching addresses goals such as:

  • Clarifying direction
  • Enhanced health, fitness, and wellness
  • Improved relationships
  • Success in business and finances
  • Self-mastery and the development of emotional intelligence
  • Work/life balance
  • Enhanced performance and productivity
  • Self-discovery, e.g. values clarification

The holistic, sensitive, and dynamic aspect of transpersonal coaching is particularly suited and equipped for the following:

  • Clarifying vision and life purpose
  • Transforming blocks and transformation in general
  • Generating cultural change, as in the family or workplace
  • Conflict resolution at a deep and sustainable level
  • Navigating major life transitions, such as separation, career transition, stage of life changes, geographical changes
  • Stepping into authentic power and leadership
  • Self-cultivation and further discovery of one’s true nature, depth of Self
  • Self-mastery that entails shifting states of being, “showing up in the world differently” and mindfulness
  • Development and nurturing of a creative, soulful, and/or spiritual dimension to one’s life
  • Times of and issues of an emotionally challenging and/or soul-searching nature and more…